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ANZACATA Frequently Asked Questions

Below are responses to questions that are often asked by the public. For answers to questions more specific to ANZACATA members, please go to the member FAQs.

What exactly is creative arts therapy?

Creative Arts Therapy is a form of psychotherapy. Creative Arts Therapists are mental health professionals who use art, media and the creative process (drawing, writing, sculpting, drama, clay, sand, dance and movement) to facilitate the exploration of feelings, improve self-awareness and reduce anxiety for clients.

Creative processes can be a way for clients to explore and express feelings that may be hard to put into words. Registered Creative Arts Therapists are trained in both creative methods and also in psychological and psychotherapeutic methods to help clients better express themselves and to improve their wellbeing.

What training do Creative Arts Therapists have?

In Australia, New Zealand and Asia, Certified and Registered Creative Arts Therapists have a specific Master's degree in Arts Therapy and over 750 hours of supervised clinical placement. They must undergo regular supervision and update their practice every year with professional development training.

How do I find a creative arts therapist in my area?

Please go to our 'Find a Therapist' directory, which is searchable by country, city/town, client type, reason for therapy and therapy approaches. Professional members trained to the highest international standards are listed on this directory.

Watch this short video on getting the most from your ANZACATA Directory listing

How do I train as an art therapist or a creative arts therapist?

To reach professional level ANZACATA membership, masters level training is required. Please click here for information about ANZACATA approved masters level training courses. ANZACATA has tiered levels of membership according to other Qualifications Authority levels. Click here to view the membership categories and requirements.

How do I know which course to study?

ANZACATA recognises many courses and prospective members should only do the courses that are listed here and here. The listed qualifications are all registered with government education/training registration bodies. There are other courses which are offered by private training providers, but they are usually not government approved and we do not list them. You can only become a member of ANZACATA if you have successfully undertaken one of the courses we list.

How do I join ANZACATA?

Please click here for information about joining our association.

Does an ANZACATA membership run for one year?

ANZACATA memberships run from 1st July to 30th June. Members are sent renewal notices from 1 June reminding them to renew.

Does the ANZACATA membership fee include insurance?

ANZACATA offers a professional indemnity insurance policy for Australian and New Zealand practising members and students with Focus. Cover is purchased separately to the ANZACATA membership. For more information, visit the ANZACATA insurance page.

Why do I need pay a fee to apply to join as a Professional / Provisional / Tier member?

The process of application for these levels of membership ensures that our applicants have achieved the qualifications required for the appropriate level of membership. This process takes us some time to investigate fully and so it attracts a fee. Applications for these membership levels must be accompanied by correct documentation and are reviewed by our Membership Sub Committee of the Board. There are several pathways that are considered for Professional and Provisional membership. Please click here to see our 'Categories and Requirements' and click here to go to the application forms to apply to be considered for Professional / Provisional / Tier membership. Please note the fee of $90 AUD (+ GST for Australian based applications) is a non-refundable application fee. If you are not accepted as a practising member, we will put the $90 fee towards Affiliate (non-practising) membership for you.

Police Checks / Child Safety Checks

ANZACATA covers many jurisdictions, all with different requirements for member interaction with government instrumentalities, funding bodies and employers. ANZACATA does not require police checks or child safety checks to be taken out in order to gain and retain membership. ANZACATA does not monitor or retain records of which members have these checks in each jurisdiction. It is the responsibility of members to ensure that they have in place all requirements of the bodies they interact with. ANZACATA advises that each member needs to check requirements in their jurisdiction, particularly if working with children, to ensure they comply.

Last updated: 31 May 2024

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