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Below are responses to questions that are often asked by the public. For answers to questions more specific to ANZACATA members, please go to the FAQ when you log in to the ‘MyANZACATA’ members’ area.

How do I find a creative arts therapist in my area?
Please click here to go to our ‘Find a Therapist’ directory, which is searchable by country, city/town, client type, reason for therapy and therapy approaches. Professional members trained to the highest international standards are listed on this directory.

What is the difference between art therapy and creative arts therapy?
Art therapists work with visual art media such as drawing, painting, and sculpture; whereas creative arts therapists work with several creative modalities such as movement, or drama, writing and visual art, depending on the needs of the client/s. In many countries there are specific professional bodies for those working therapeutically in each creative modality, however, anyone working in any modality of the creative therapies in Australia, New Zealand, and the Asia/Pacific region is welcome to join ANZACATA at the level of membership appropriate to their qualifications.
Please click here for more information about art therapy and creative arts therapy.

How do I train as an art therapist or a creative arts therapist?
To reach professional level ANZACATA membership, masters level training is required. Please click here for information about ANZACATA approved masters level training courses. ANZACATA has tiered levels of membership according to other Qualifications Authority levels. Click here to view the membership categories and requirements.

Are there any ANZACATA approved online arts therapy degrees?
Due to the experiential nature of creative arts therapy training, no courses offer solely distance education. However, there are some that offer low residency courses. Please click here to see the websites of the institutions that offer ANZACATA approved masters level courses for full information.

How do I join ANZACATA?
Please click here for information about joining our association.

Does an ANZACATA membership run for one year?
ANZACATA memberships run from 1 August to 31 July. Members are sent renewal notices from 1 July reminding them to renew. Journal subscriptions also run for one year but can be taken out at any time and renewed one year later.

Does the ANZACATA membership fee cover insurance?
ANZACATA offers a master indemnity insurance scheme to Australian and New Zealand members through BMS Insurers, providing competitive rates for Professional Indemnity insurance. Australian and New Zealand Professional, Tier 4 – Provisional, and Tier 1–3 level members can choose to pay for their insurance bundled with their membership fee. Click here for more information.

Why do I need pay a fee to apply to join as a Professional / Tier 4 – Provisional / Tiers 1–3 member?
The process of application for these levels of membership ensures that our applicants have achieved the qualifications required for the appropriate level of membership. Applications for these membership levels must be accompanied by certified documentation and are reviewed by our Membership Board. There are several pathways that are considered for Professional and Provisional membership. Please click here to see our ‘Categories and Requirements’ and click here to go to the application forms to apply to be considered for Professional / Tier 4 – Provisional / Tiers 1–3 membership. Please note there is a $90 non-refundable application fee, so if you have any questions about whether your application is likely to be approved, please contact

Can I become a Professional member with a non-ANZACATA approved degree?
ANZACATA has several pathways to Professional and Tier 4 – Provisional membership available. Please click here to see the Categories and Requirements.   

Can I call myself an art therapist or a creative arts therapist if I am not an ANZACATA member?
Through our professional membership process, ANZACATA works to maintain the highest standard of professionalism so that employers and clients can expect best practice standards from our Professional level members who use the post-nominal AThR. Our approved training courses include a minimum 750 hours of supervised clinical placement, in accordance with the highest international standards.

In Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong, creative arts therapy is a self-regulating profession so there is no title protection in law. This means there is no restriction on who can call themselves an art therapist or a creative arts therapist, however, only ANZACATA Professional members can use the post nominal AThR. This ensures that they are trained to the highest level, and are obliged to the comply with the ANZACATA code of ethics, complaints procedure, Continuing Professional Development and supervision requirements, and audit process.

What is the difference between Student and Trainee?
Students of any art therapy or creative arts therapy courses that are accredited by a Qualifications Authority can join as Student members. Those who are in the final year of their training at an ANZACATA approved masters level programme can become Trainee members and are granted one year free membership and are exempt from the $90 application fee to apply to become a Professional member on graduation. Please click here to go to ‘Apply’ and select the appropriate button to join as either a student or a trainee.

Can I get complementary or discounted membership?
Complementary Trainee membership is granted to those who are in their final year of training of an ANZACATA approved masters level programme. Please click here to select the Trainee joining form, or contact

A discounted membership is available to individuals who have been practising members but need to suspend their practice due to personal circumstances, such as illness or care leave. Holding a Non-Practising membership means that the member will not have to reapply, or pay the application fee, when they resume practising. This category could also apply to retired members who are no longer practising but wish to remain involved in the Association. 

Can I get a half-year membership or a pro rata rate?
ANZACATA membership runs from 1 August to 31 July. You can apply to join as a member at any time of the year. Your fee will be calculated at a pro rata to the closest calendar month until 31 July after which you will be asked to renew and charged for the following year. Click here to go to the fees page. Pro rata fees do not apply to those renewing after the renewal date of 1 August.

Can I pay my membership in instalments?
ANZACATA does not offer the facility to pay in instalment. If you are experiencing financial hardship and cannot pay your membership fee, please contact

Can I pay directly into the ANZACATA bank account?
ANZACATA only takes payments through the website via credit card. If you need an exception to be made due to exceptional circumstances, please contact

If my ANZACATA membership has lapsed what should I do?
If you wish to maintain your membership while not practising for a period you may choose to pay the discounted rate of a Non-Practising member until such time that you want to resume your practice. Click here for more information about the Non-Practising membership category.

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