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ANZACATA Member Frequently Asked Questions

How to find your way around this website

There are three areas to this website: public pages, Journal, and the members' area. It is easy to tell which area you are in as the backgrounds and page headings are colour-coded: grey and green for the public pages, teal for Journal and orange for the members' area.

You can navigate between these areas by using the easy icons at the top right of your screen. At any time you can go to the public home page by clicking either the red home button or by clicking 'home' in the green 'quick links'. You can access the members' area by clicking the orange members' area button. If you are not logged in you will be asked to do so. If you are logged in you will be taken directly to the members' area home page.

In the public area you can go to the home page at any time by clicking the ANZACATA logo. When in the journal area, the journal logo takes you to the journal home page, and when in the members' area, the ANZACATA logo takes you to the members' area home page.

Single click the green 'Quick links' icon to bring up a list of commonly used pages, and click on the desired page.

Member login

To login to the members' area, click the orange member area icon at the top right of your screen.

Member logout

Close the browser window and you will automatically be logged out.

Change your password

Click the orange member area icon at the top right of your screen then select 'forgot password'.

'Find a Therapist' directory (professional members only)

Professional members can advertise their practice on the 'Find a Therapist' directory. Your profile is set to visible by default.

To ensure that your profile is fully searchable by the public please update your directory profile. Go to your MyANZACATA profile and click EDIT PROFILE. Update your information in the "Find a Therapist Directory" fields and upload a photo and/or a logo also.

Hide profile on Find A Therapist page on the website - Set profile to private (professional members only)

  1. Head over to your member profile,
  2. Select "edit profile"
  3. Click on the "privacy" tab
  4. Deselect "show profile to others" checkbox.
  5. Click "save"

Browser information

We recommend viewing this website on either Chrome or Safari. If you experience problems where aspects of the site do not work properly, for example, the blue login button, drop-down menus not scrolling, etc, please first try viewing the page in another browser. Make sure you always keep your browser apps up to date. 

How to add a profile image

Head over to your member profile, select "edit profile" and scroll down to "Find a Therapist Directory" (which is only available to practising members). Next to "profile image" click "choose file" and add your photo.

Upload your documents

  1. Go to your member portal
  2. Click the orange "edit profile" button
  3. Scroll down till you see the relevant field i.e. "Upload your documentation"

  4. Select "choose files" and locate the file on your computer
  5. Click OK
  6. Fill in any mandatory fields (or you will receive an error)
  7. IMPORTANT: Click the orange "Save" button at the top to save your changes

Note: You can upload up to 20 files. Each file should be less than 20 MB.

Find a Supervisor

Go to Use the location filters to narrow your search to particular locations AND/OR type in location, specific expertise or funding body in the word search box under the filters.

How to add entries to your CPD / Supervision Logbook

  1. Open the doc in ADOBE READER
  2. Click the "Fill & Sign" section on the right hand side
  3. Then place the cursor where you want to add text
  4. You can also make the text smaller by clicking the small A once you click in the field

How to pay your invoice online via the member area.

  1. Login to your member profile,
  2. Select the orange "VIEW/PAY INVOICE" button

Please note: other pages in the member area are not accessible while you have an outstanding membership invoice. Please head to your member profile page to pay your invoice first.

How to add to outlook safe senders list.

  1. In Outlook, right click email and select > Junk > Never block senders domain (
  2. Right click the email again open Junk Email Options
  3. Check is NOT in the blocked senders tab
  4. Check the safe senders tab to and add if not listed

For any technical issues or enquiries contact comms.

Last updated: 5 October 2022

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