New Zealand – WINZ 

Providing creative arts therapy through the WINZ Disability Allowance Scheme

New Zealand's Ministry of Social Development recognises ANZACATA as a professional body. Professional level members are eligible to receive payment through the Work and Income New Zealand (WINZ) Disability Allowance Scheme which is a weekly payment for people who have regular, ongoing costs because of a disability, such as counselling. Clients do not have to be on a benefit to receive the allowance, but they do need a referral form filled in by their GP stating the nature of the disability which can be related to mental health issues, such as anxiety or depression. 

Your local GPs or WINZ case workers can advise you of the process if you want to make this funding available to your lower income clients.

Those members who are WINZ Disability Counselling providers can be found in the 'Find a Therapist' directory. Click here

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